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The ThoughtRiver implementation roadmap

Mapping the steps from initial engagement to go live and beyond.

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Fill in the form below to access your roadmap

Seven simple steps to success

Within a few short weeks your business could be benefiting from your GC’s team’s ability to safely and professionally screen contracts using tried and tested AI technology. Discover how:

  • We will listen and learn about your business, your specific use cases, and what’s important to you

  • We will arrange a personal demo to show you in real-time how ThoughtRiver can meet your requirements

  • You will be given the tools and knowledge to finetune your settings as your needs evolve over time

How effectively do you track

You don’t need in-house computer scientists

How quickly do you identify

You do need a desire to handle contracts more efficiently

How efficiently do you prioritise

You may have a documented checklist for common contractual issues or risks

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Empowering you to get more insights, faster


ThoughtRiver has been designed and built to make life easier for you. And our implementation process is no different, putting your users and your business’s needs at the heart of every stage.

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Download the roadmap to learn more

See how ThoughtRiver supports you at every stage of the journey to help you maximise the power of our contract pre-screening technology.

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