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The ThoughtRiver implementation roadmap

Download the playbook to discover the steps from going live to a full rollout of your initial use cases, including:

  • What you need to kick off the project for your first use case
  • How to measure your baseline and measure ThoughtRiver’s impact using data
  • Giving you the tools and training for continued success

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Empowering you to get more insights, faster

  • Time to value

    Learn how ThoughtRiver can deliver immediate value, while upscaling your team for rollout to additional use cases.

  • Support and training

    We will monitor and analyse the platform’s effectiveness to make sure you are optimising the system.

  • Measure and improve

    We will work with you from Day 1 to establish baseline metrics and constantly evaluate how we can improve your deal making process.

Download the playbook

Speed and accuracy

“In a like for like comparison ThoughtRiver was faster and more accurate with its pre-screening than members of my legal team.”

GC, Global Manufacturer

“The sky’s the limit. We can extract information on any obligations and rights, because ThoughtRiver is so flexible. We merely need to train the system appropriately.”

Martin Algie, Principal,  MIA Contract Lawyers

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About ThoughtRiver

ThoughtRiver's automated contract review technology uses artificial intelligence to scan and interpret information from written contracts used in commercial risk assessments. With analogue contractual data digitised, legal professionals can access contract analytics, the business can make smarter data-informed decisions, and legal, sales, and procurement teams can work together to boost deal velocity.