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Meet Lexible™ Fusion, the world’s most precise legal AI

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Tim Pullan photo

Tim Pullan

CEO and Founder


Lauren Oldham

VP, Product

Precision matters for lawyers, which is why we can’t wait to show you Lexible™ Fusion, ThoughtRiver’s revolutionary AI powered Q&A engine. It represents a momentous leap forward in legal AI accuracy, changing the game for how legal professionals work and negotiate.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more about Lexible™ Fusion’s precision levels, how ThoughtRiver uses this engine, and what the platform can do for you. In the webinar we’ll:

  • Explain why precision matters with legal tech
  • Reveal how we’ve made this historic leap
  • Discuss the implications for contract review AI
  • Demonstrate the power of ThoughtRiver with a live demo

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