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Is your legal team ahead of the pack or looking to catch up?

How well are you using technology to automate and accelerate contracting to unlock legal and business benefits? Take the free assessment to:

  • Understand how your use of technology is delivering benefits or holding you back
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  • Analogue or digitised?

    Are contract positions and obligations captured and digitally indexed at the point of initial review?

  • Contract analytics

    How quickly can you access your contract data to analyse your legal obligations when an extraordinary situation arises?

  • Extracting the value of your data

    Is your legal team drawing valuable insights from contract data to improve negotiations or inform business decisions?

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Is your in-house legal team really at the heart of your business, or is it constantly working on the periphery?


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About ThoughtRiver

ThoughtRiver’s contract acceleration platform (CAP) helps lawyers and their business colleagues make more confident decisions, shorten negotiation cycles, and manage risk in sales and procurement transactions.

Most of our clients are either large corporations looking to optimise the efficiency of their legal teams or tier one law firms who wish to provide a more innovative service to their clients.