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Turning the future vision of the GC into today's reality

The legal team is always busy but how much of it is merely admin? Find out how to get an in-house legal team back in touch with the business.

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Flagging risks and identifying opportunities

Why persist in processing hundreds of pages of contracts and agreements manually when it can be safely and professionally done in a fraction of the time?

The quicker you can spot potential risks

The quicker you can spot potential risks, the quicker you can mitigate them and protect the company

Convert time-sensitive

Convert time-sensitive opportunities into sales by speedy recognition of the financial potential

An automated solution

An automated solution can endlessly plough through documents without suffering from fatigue or lapses of concentration

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The cost of legal delays


Added to a new product launch

5% to 40%

The value on a given deal lost to inefficient contracting


The equivalent revenue lost due to delayed product launches

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It is time to release the legal team from low-value tasks and free them to deliver greater value to the wider business.

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