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The importance of task-matching in Legal AI

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How can lawyers ensure accuracy when incorporating AI?

The most frequent concern voiced by lawyers when asked about ChatGPT – indeed, any flavour of AI – is accuracy 

In the recent rush to release new generative AI-powered features in the legal tech industry the line between fluency and accuracy use cases has blurred, and its tempting to conclude that on accuracy-hungry tasks, the fluency of generative AI output has beguiled users into assuming it is therefore supremely accurate. Download the e-book now to discover how:

  • How lawyers can ensure accuracy for accuracy-dependant tasks with AI
  • How language models trained by the internet compare against language models trained by experts in contract reviews
  • Identifying legal use cases for generative AI


“ThoughtRiver gives me and my team confidence that we are always reviewing a contract against policy, it’s like a second pair of eyes, a second opinion to make sure we don’t miss anything.”

Ronald Yeo, Legal Contracts Manager


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