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Tap into more reliable revenue streams for your law firm

Address increased customer expectations with fast, incisive AI technology that your legal staff will welcome

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Disrupting more than 1,000 years of legal contracts

Businesses in the legal sector need new ways to drive income.

Lagging adoption of technological advancements has held back law firms, resulting in a core problem of unpredictable revenue.


The basic structure of contracts hasn't changed in over 1,000 years. This hampers your team's efficiency.


Meanwhile, customer expectations have evolved. Clients demand delivery of specific services when and where needed.


In the face of increased competition, traditional revenue streams are unreliable.

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Expedite contract pre-screening with cutting edge technology

Reduce the number of low-value manual tasks that invariably pile up on the legal’s desk

Minimise risk and human error, as the system never suffers from fatigue or apathy

Maximise billable hours, by making it easier for lawyers to provide services for any client

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Download the playbook that reveals an innovative new strategy for your firm.

Are you ready to free your legal team from low-value tasks so they can deliver greater value to the wider business?

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