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Legal tech meets the world's most accurate AI

AI powered contract review in just minutes

Automate the identification of specific clauses, obligations, or risk factors unique to your business - saving time, reducing errors, and enhancing overall contract management effectiveness. 

Trusted by many of the world's best companies


joeβ€œThe platform reviewed complex supply agreements in less than 3 mins at an accuracy level of above 90%. The same contract took qualified lawyers 4 hours to review at an average accuracy rate of 86%.” 

Joe Stephenson
Partner and Head of Technology at Shoosmiths

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Pre-trained questions

8 minutes

Avg. review time



<24 hours

To get started

It's time to get to signature faster

We all  know that time = money.

By adding ThoughtRiver into your existing workflow, you will be significantly reducing the time it takes you to review and process the contracts you receive.

This will allow you to focus on higher priority (and interesting) tasks whilst not having to worry about missed risks or slow turn-around from other parties.

We work where you work

In just three simple steps, ThoughtRiver streamlines contract review processes:

1. Email or upload the contract to ThoughtRiver

2. Receive a detailed report back to your inbox

3. No issues = sign that dotted line!

If  there are issues, you can action them right away in the platform or by using our free Microsoft Word Add-in and still get to signature 85% faster.

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chanley"ThoughtRiver helps shorten review time without compromising high-quality standards. It also reduces operating expenses and gives general counsel offices greater ability to accurately budget legal costs."

Chanley Howell

Partner at Foley & Lardner LLP

Experience the power of AI in legal reviews with ThoughtRiver. Take the first step! πŸ‘‡


Comprehensive reports delivered to your inbox

ThoughtRiver will analyse complete contracts, saving you time by identifying key risks within clauses that are unique to your business.

If there are any showstoppers, you can mark-up the contract in a couple of clicks!

hamish"We scanned the market for an AI capability capable of being trained to review our appointments and found a clear winner in ThoughtRiver with a compelling business case supporting the investment."

Hamish Gray

Director of Legal & Commercial at Hoare Lea

Seamless integration within your existing workflows

By using our platform or free Microsoft Word add-in, you will also get access to:

Asset 2 AI-Assisted Review

Use AI to review your contracts against your businesses own playbook, which we can integrate for you.

Asset 2 Digital Issues List

Marks risk within the contract as issues to resolve, creating a clear task list to you to work through.

Asset 2 Automated Mark Up 

Allows you to redline and edit, with one click comment and drop-in clause suggestions from template contracts where and when needed.

integrationAsset 1
Take a tour of the Word add-in

receive, review, remediate, sign

Why ThoughtRiver?

Because you don't like spending your valuable time reviewing contracts looking for the same issues that creep in time after time.

For the volume of contracts you receive, it makes sense to use ThoughtRiver to make your review process faster and unlock information from other parties so you can get to signature quicker

πŸ’‘ Is there a minimum volume we need to be processing?

We built ThoughtRiver for law firms and in-house legal teams who are reviewing 50+ contracts monthly.

You'll recognise them by the bags under their eyes and the look of sheer horror when they hear their new email notification tone.

πŸ’‘ Can I trust the accuracy of your platform?
You can trust the fact that we test it three times a week against 750,000 data points and are extremely proud to be the world's most accurate (97% to be exact) contract review platform.

Talk to one of our contract review specialists today

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