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Quickly identify risk and exploit sales opportunities

Manually assessing contracts is a time-consuming effort that eats into your resources, is prone to human error, and slows down your whole business. But by automating your pre-screening process you can:

  1. Immediately flag risks for human intervention

  2. Convert time-sensitive opportunities into sales

  3. Identify specific clauses and risks that are important to you

Remove the cost of legal delays


Added to a new product launch

5% to 40%

The value on a given deal lost to inefficient contracting


The equivalent revenue lost due to delayed product launches

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Don’t leave it to chance

“I used to run a company that turned over $13billion a year, and inside the company we had over 150,000 contracts. The simple fact is we couldn’t review all of them, so we tended to focus on the ones that were the highest priority or with the highest perceived risk.

The beauty of ThoughtRiver is that it can examine all contracts inside a company, new and old, and lawyers can only focus on the ones that need attention. That is a huge advantage, and it means that CEOs like me are less likely to become encumbered by a contract that goes bad.”

Guy Laurence, CEO

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Free your legal team from low-value tasks and empower them to deliver greater value to the wider business.

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