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Accelerate contract negotiation, remove stress, and close more deals

Discover the new path to achieving pain-free, issue-based closing every time, with a contract acceleration platform.

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Get away from complex, inefficient contract negotiation

Managing a contract negotiation from initial agreement to final signature can be a long, hard road. Coordinating different parties, tracking multiple versions, and assessing potential risks all add complexity and time to the process. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

  • Effectively organise issue management

    What if you could easily create and manage an issues list for every deal? Now you can.

  • Crowdsource the benefits of experience

    Learn how technology helps with unfamiliarity, giving lawyers experience beyond their years.

  • Accelerate the whole process

    Achieve speedy, streamlined negotiation, so Legal is no longer seen as a source of delay.

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“We believe the phrase ‘it’s stuck in legal’ should be banished from the business vocabulary. Learn how to make contracting fast, predictable, and pain-free.”


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 It’s time to transform contract negotiation for the better.

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About ThoughtRiver

ThoughtRiver's automated contract review technology uses artificial intelligence to scan and interpret information from written contracts used in commercial risk assessments. With analogue contractual data digitised, legal professionals can access contract analytics, the business can make smarter data-informed decisions, and legal, sales, and procurement teams can work together to boost deal velocity.