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How to make the business case for ThoughtRiver to key stakeholders

Learn how ThoughtRiver’s use cases and benefits align with the core objectives of your senior colleagues.

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Benefits beyond the legal department

Many businesses claim to be data-informed, yet very few utilise data from their existing portfolio of contracts to improve business performance. This playbook will show you how to convince the key people that this is essential for the continued success of your business, including how:

Your CEO can use

Your CEO can use ThoughtRiver to boost deal velocity and pull revenue forward.

Your CFO can use

Your CFO can use ThoughtRiver to realise the full value of each transaction.

Your Head of Sales can

Your Head of Sales can do more deals, start to self serve for contract reviews, and smash targets.

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Use cases for each stakeholder


Deliver on digital transformation plans and create a modern, efficient workplace


Access contract analytics to make data-informed strategic decisions

Head of Sales

Improve deal certainty and close transactions faster than ever

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“Now is the time to present the ThoughtRiver use cases to your senior executives, convincing them that investing in legal technology is an investment in the whole business – and one that will deliver considerable ROI.”

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Learn how ThoughtRiver meets the aims of the whole business.

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