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The overwhelming reasons to move from analogue to digital contracts

Download the playbook to discover how digitising contracts at the point of first review is delivering crucial benefits, including the ability to:

  • Convert legalese into structured data, unlocking contract analytics and data insights
  • Explore a portfolio of contracts to uncover patterns and see all obligations and positions in one place
LP-Bringing 1,000 years of analogue contracts into the digital age 2020

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Bring legal into the digital age

  • Convert legalese into easily accessible and understandable data

    Turn contracts into digital assets for analysis, from a bird’s eye view of the portfolio down to a granular level.

  • Ask thousands of questions of each and every contract

    Lexible translates points of legal interpretation into meaningful units and uses AI to create rules around points of meaning.

  • Rapid data extraction and analysis

    The business always knows where its contracts are, and how obligations and risk positions are impacted by changing situations.

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Speed and accuracy

“In a like for like comparison ThoughtRiver was faster and more accurate with its pre-screening than members of my legal team.”

GC, Global Manufacturer

“Because this data is built ‘bottom-up’, you are not simply seeing an approximate trend or an estimate, but a precise summary of every granular right and obligation in all of your contracts.”


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About ThoughtRiver

ThoughtRiver's automated contract review technology uses artificial intelligence to scan and interpret information from written contracts used in commercial risk assessments. With analogue contractual data digitised, legal professionals can access contract analytics, the business can make smarter data-informed decisions, and legal, sales, and procurement teams can work together to boost deal velocity.