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Discover the full benefits of contract review automation

Download the playbook to discover how technology delivers more than speed, enabling lawyers to:

  • Creates a digital asset of every analogue contract
  • Unlock powerful contract analytics and boost vital deal velocity

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Digital transformation in action

  • Understand which contracts are good to go, and which need further input

    Fast and accurate automation enables you to prioritise work and find more time to act as a true business advisor.

  • Operate at a pace that maximises the full value of sales and procurement deals

    Work at a speed the company requires, powering greater deal velocity and maximum efficiency.

  • Explore digitised contract data to uncover insights and trends

    Access and explore contract analytics to make smarter, data-informed commercial decisions.

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Speed and accuracy

“In a like for like comparison ThoughtRiver was faster and more accurate with its pre-screening than members of my legal team.”

GC,  Global Manufacturer

“Most legal departments spend less than 70% of their time on the company’s strategic priorities – that is not exactly good value for money, and not good for business growth.”


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About ThoughtRiver

ThoughtRiver's automated contract review technology uses artificial intelligence to scan and interpret information from written contracts used in commercial risk assessments. With analogue contractual data digitised, legal professionals can access contract analytics, the business can make smarter data-informed decisions, and legal, sales, and procurement teams can work together to boost deal velocity.