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AI is the future for contract reviews

AI is the future of contract reviews_LP_header copy
Tim Pullan

Tim Pullan

CEO and Founder

Lauren Oldham (3)

Lauren Oldham

Director of Product

Paula Doyle

Paula Doyle

Chief Legal Innovation Officer

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the way lawyers and contract professionals work.

Not only through efficiency gains at the organizational level, but also at a global level by driving the standardisation of terms and best practice – creating fairer and more efficient transactions for everyone.

To this end, World Commerce & Contracting has partnered with legal technology pioneers, ThoughtRiver.

The NDA Compliance product, developed with our oversight, breathes real life into the WorldCC Contracting Principles, making it easy to review and remediate NDAs in minutes using standards that have cross -industry buy-in.

This webinar introduces the ThoughtRiver NDA Compliance tool. We will cover how the technology works and articulate the ROI for organisations using automated contract review tools.


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