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Discover the benefits of AI and digital transformation for contract reviews

Download the playbook to discover how AI technology is driving digital transformation, enabling:

  • The digitisation of contracts at the point of first review, for faster and more consistent screening
  • The organisation to unlock contract analytics and create digital risk playbooks

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A new era for contracts

  • Each company’s playbook exists in a living, digital, computer-readable form.

    Digitising contracts at the point of first review creates a digital asset where risk positions and obligations across the portfolio can be analysed at will.

  • Save up to 95% of the time it takes to conduct manual reviews, boosting deal velocity and pulling revenue forward

    An initial review of a contract can be conducted in minutes, answering hundreds of legal questions and providing recommended next steps.

  • Analyse previous transactions to uncover trends and patterns.

    Improve ongoing negotiation efficiency by understanding what had and had not been accepted within similar past agreements.

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Speed and accuracy

“In a like for like comparison ThoughtRiver was faster and more accurate with its pre-screening than members of my legal team.”

GC, Global Manufacturer

“Not only can we now identify at a glance any contract that is incompatible with the playbook, or becomes so due to changes outside the organisation, but we can also start changing behaviour within.”


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About ThoughtRiver

ThoughtRiver's automated contract review technology uses artificial intelligence to scan and interpret information from written contracts used in commercial risk assessments. With analogue contractual data digitised, legal professionals can access contract analytics, the business can make smarter data-informed decisions, and legal, sales, and procurement teams can work together to boost deal velocity.