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AI and a new way of looking at contract pre-screening

How technology is enabling GCs to work more efficiently, businesses to grow, and risks to be minimised.

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A new era for contracts

Contracts remain an analogue anomaly in an otherwise digital world. But new technology – and artificial intelligence in particular – is bringing the legal sector into the modern age, and with that comes a range of benefits

The quicker you can spot potential risks

GCs can efficiently manage the deluge of paperwork they are expected to review on a daily basis

Convert time-sensitive

Automated screening ensures a high level of accuracy and consistency, without the risk of human error

An automated solution

Transactions between businesses can become seamless due to contract review framework standardizations

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The cost of legal delays


Each company’s playbook exists in a living, digital, computer-readable form


A standard contract review framework speeds up negotiation process between businesses


Improve ongoing efficiency by understanding what is and is not acceptable within agreements

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Learn how the digitisation of contracts can improve efficiency and accuracy, and transform how companies conduct business.

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