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Pay less for insurance using ThoughtRiver's AI-powered review of engineering appointments

Thursday 23rd June

1pm BST / 8am EDT

Iain Murdoch photo

Iain Murdoch

Head of Legal Content

Tim Pullan photo

Tim Pullan

CEO and Founder


Hamish Gray

Director of Legal and Commercial

Tight margins and even tighter deadlines have always meant that the pressure is on in construction law. In particular, contract risk management has become an acute priority because of increased insurer scrutiny of liability clauses when determining whether to offer cover and at what price. For consultants, this can squeeze profitability and in extreme cases threaten viability.

This is why ThoughtRiver has tailored its unique AI technology and content so that it can be applied to the review of construction and engineering appointments. Join us for a demo and see for yourself how ThoughtRiver can help deliver consistency, cost savings, and portfolio risk visibility.

This webinar covers:

  • Why construction and engineering appointments are ripe for AI-powered contract review
  • How ThoughtRiver's tool has been tailored to review construction and engineering appointments
  • How this helps you to manage contractual risk and therefore reduce your insurance premiums
  • Product demo

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